Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre

Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lisa Logue is here today, January 25th on Come In, Sit Down, Tell us about....

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For the rest of the month of January and possibly into February of 2012,we will be interviewing new and seasoned authors, first at Gwen's and then over here.

Today, January 25th, we have Lisa Logue, one of the most excited, ‘no grass growing under my feet,’ author who in the course of less than two months turned her direction to being published and her goal is in sight. We are happy to have her here on Paul and Paula's Place and over on I.A.N. Here’s Lisa~ 

What inspired you to write? 

Everything! I’ve never gone looking for inspiration; it’s always kept me company. Since I was about eight years old I’ve been writing stories and poetry. I do have to say that if it wasn’t for one very special friend of mine, I wouldn’t have thought I was good enough to get this far. She’s really been my motivation if nothing else for this novel. 

Do you have anyone you show manuscripts to and get advice from or are you a loner doing it all yourself? 

Throughout what I like to call the “idea phase” I pretty much keep it to myself. Since I don’t write my stories in sequential order, it’s kind of hard to share because unless the person reading knew the storyline it would be utterly confusing. Usually I wait until the manuscript has been combined in the correct order before I involve anyone else. 

Currently, my manuscript is in the last edit. It’s gone through two rounds of edits already, mostly conducted by me. A very good friend of mine is so kind as to help me during this process. It helps to have people who genuinely love reading and what makes a good story. 

What genre do you normally write in? Also, is there a genre you've always wanted to write in, but don't feel you could pull it off? 

I’m comfortable in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, but by no means am I limited to it. I think right now I have to write where my heart takes me. I’ve always wanted to write something that took place somewhere around the middle ages, but I think I’d make it something like a Murder/Mystery. Along the lines of Agatha Christie’s works, I think. Honestly, it’s hard to answer because there are so many options out there. I don’t really think you pick the genre anyway. I write what moves me. 

Do you ever base your characters on people you know? 

In a way, my characters might be loosely based on someone I know here or there. Character development is important to me because I absolutely hate it when characters appear bland and unrealistic. It’s possible that I may pick and choose traits from people I know to make up the characters, but I also want them to almost become their own “people”. After all, I’m creating a world for someone to live in, why not make them seem real? 

What advice would you give to someone who was just starting off in writing? 

Never give up. Read a lot. Figure out your voice and what makes you comfortable. Never stop growing! Writing is something that comes from the heart, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re doing it to the best of your ability. And most of all, good luck! 

Do your stories tend to have morals, or special messages, included within them? 

I don’t come to the table thinking, “This book is going to talk about ___”. As the words spill out of me, the messages are created. But it’s not set it stone either. Everything is open to interpretation and I welcome it. I would hate for every single person to get the same experience from any of my work. But if even one person can relate to it, then I’ve accomplished something great. 

This question was posed by a fellow author and I loved it so much I decided to throw it into the mix ~ Oh no! One of your characters has escaped. Luckily, I caught them! I will interrogate them with the help of a lie detector. Welcome! Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. You will be returning to your book once this is over. What's your name, where are you from and what is your role in the book? 
“My name is Lia. Honestly, I don’t know where I come from any more. The story is about me, well a part of my journey. I suppose to some people, finding out the truth about their past is exciting. For me it’s anything but. I’ve lived a very sheltered life for some time now, but I’m breaking through. This is just the beginning…” 

Read more about Lia’s story in a sneak peek preview of Cursed Secrets hosted by 

Tell us why we would enjoy reading your books? 

I’ve modeled much of the dialogue and story line as close to reality as possible. Although the characters may seem real, the pull of fantasy fiction we love so much isn’t missing. There’s a little bit of everything; from vampires and hybrids to witches and high councils, a shocking forbidden love and questionable actions, and last but not least a revelation that changes everything the characters have ever known. Cursed Secrets isn’t just about a troubled girl, it’s about a journey to an unknown future. 

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