Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre

Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heather Borger is with us today, January 29th on Come In, Sit Down, Tell Us about....

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For the rest of the month of January and possibly into February of 2012,we will be interviewing new and seasoned authors, first at Gwen's and then over here.

We welcome today, January 28th, Heather Borger, a newly published author and a fellow cancer survivor.  Heather has incorporated her experiences into a positive fictionalized story of hope.  Let’s welcome Heather ~

What inspired you to write?

I began journeling when I was about 16. Then around 20, after being diagnosed with melanoma, I needed an even bigger outlet. I started writing fiction to escape reality. That was it for me. While I haven't been writing steadily for the last 15 years, I have kept up with it. Over the past two years, I have been writing daily and have invested as much as 30+ hours a week into my writing. I just can't seem to sit at night without my computer in my lap typing something!

Do you have anyone you show manuscripts to and get advice from or are you a loner doing it all yourself?

I was lucky enough to have an editor in my husband's family who helps with the technical stuff, while having a great colleague that enjoys reading my writing and tells me exactly what she thinks of the plot and story line. I love to talk about my characters, so I'm so happy to share my writing with others who want to talk about it!

What genre do you normally write in? Also, is there a genre you've always wanted to write in, but don't feel you could pull it off?

I have only written fiction so far. One of my books did touch on the autobiographical genre slightly as I based it loosely off of real events in my life. I'd love to try my hand at fantasy, but I'm afraid I would mess it up too badly. In one of my books I described a wedding gown. I had to print a picture and use it to write my description. The thought if writing something that I cannot see because it does not really exist is very intimidating. But maybe someday:)

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?

I've based most of my characters on people I know (even myself). But, a few are pure figments of my imagination...people I'd like to know or be friends with. Or, in one case, someone I'd never want to run into!

What advice would you give to someone who was just starting off in writing?

Write whatever you can just to get something on paper, you never know when 13 years later you will look at it and suddenly see a story develop. I never expected my first writings to ever evolve into a book, but I just self-published it this week! Now, I'm glad that when I felt like writing, I did, and that I never gave up because what I put on paper in the beginning wasn't very good. Over time, I rewrote and edited it, until it was something I'm very proud of.

Do your stories tend to have morals, or special messages, included within them?
I'd like to think that people who read my stories will take something away from them. With the exception of Stolen Dreams, however, I haven't written any stories with a deliberate message.

This question was posed by a fellow author and I loved it so much I decided to throw it into the mix ~ Oh no! One of your characters has escaped. Luckily, I have caught them! I will interrogate them with the help of a lie detector. Welcome!Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. You will be returning to your book once this is over. What's your name, where are you from and what is your role in the book?

Hi! I'm Mattie - Madeline Jane Bergan. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Riverside, Vermont. The summer after I turned 18, my family was turned upside down when we realized my mom was keeping a secret from us. I hate to admit it, but I kept a secret that summer as well. Looking back, I feel terrible. My sister was really hurt by my actions that summer.

Tell us why we would enjoy reading your books?

I like to write (realistic) fiction with realistic, believable characters, plots, and settings. It is nice to get into a book where you can actually imagine meeting one of the characters and becoming their friend. I've had people tell me they cried at the end of One Secret Too Many because they were so attached to the characters that certain events elicited really strong emotions.

Also please give us your latest info and links

***I wrote Stolen Dreams (short story) in 2011...moral of the story...stay true to your dreams and live life to the fullest...

BLURB: How do you go on living when everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing is taken from you?

Twenty year-old Skye, daughter of world-renowned marine biologist, William Pates, lives on a beautiful research island and dreams of someday following in her father’s footsteps. Only months before going on her first research trip with him, Skye is diagnosed with melanoma and advised by her doctor to leave the island she loves and find work indoors - on the mainland. Her spiral into depression leaves her making uncharacteristically carefree choices. Even her best friend can’t persuade her to stop her reckless behavior. Will anyone be able to show Skye that you can’t give up on life? Then again, without dreams to lead you, what’s left?

***I began writing One Secret Too Many in July 1997. I finished it in September 2011, and had it edited, twice over the next year as I continued to work on it, then published it as an e book this month!...

BLURB: In a family whose secrets are slowly being revealed, can keeping one more, really hurt all that much?

Mattie and Beth were twin sisters who shared everything – even their deepest, darkest secrets. They soon discover, however, that not everyone in their family has been so open with them. First they discover their mother has a secret. Soon, Mattie starts keeping secrets. When she disappears, Beth has overheard enough to know her secret, enough to possibly help find Mattie and bring her back to Riverside. But, Mattie always got what Beth wanted. Now, Beth could reveal what she knows and help find Mattie, or she could finally become the twin with all the attention. When the unthinkable happens, Beth is forced to share what she knows. But will it be too little, too late? Have they kept one secret too many?

***After finishing One Secret Too Many and realizing I wanted to keep writing back in 2011, I began another book to follow it...same characters, new is called Deception and is currently in the editing stages.

BLURB: The very moment when secrets are revealed, trust is lost. If you don’t want to lose trust, you must choose to deceive.

Four years ago, Beth and Mattie’s world was turned upside down when their mother revealed a long-kept secret. Mattie’s secrets added to the betrayal Beth endured. Their relationship has healed with time. In fact, they have become closer than ever before. Now, however, the ties that bind these sisters will be tested to the limit once again. Soon their mother will be forced to reveal more about her painful past in a final attempt to keep Beth from making what may be the most dangerous mistake of her life. If Beth listens to her family, it is a choice that will break her heart. But, if she chooses to follow her heart, it will be a treacherous decision and she may lose more than she ever thought possible. Is deception the only choice for Beth? Is he worth the risk? Only she can make the decision between keeping what she perceives to be love while deceiving her family or trying to find happiness without the dangerous love of another that she has become so dependent upon.

***As I finish editing Deception, I am beginning the third book in the Series. I am very excited to walk through the next set of experiences with my characters.

My book One Secret Too Many can be found using the following link...

Thank you for the interview!

Thank You, Heather, and we look forward to your ensuing stories.