Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre

Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Linda Scott is with us today, February 3rd on Come In, Sit Down, Tell Us About...

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For the rest of the month of January and possibly into February of 2012,we will be interviewing new and seasoned authors, first at Gwen's and then over here.

    • Today, February 3rd we have Linda Scott, a soon to be published Indie YA author.  I am involved in editing Voyage of The Legacy, a science fiction book, the first in a series.  Linda’s world is intrically woven and the first book serves as the launch into her world.  Welcome, Linda ~

    • What inspired you to write?
    • The need to tell a story and the need to let my creativity out. I am an artist and I must create or explode. Art comes out in so many ways:  plants, animals, drawing, creating anything including cooking.
    • As an artist my art flows in many ways. When young, I drew abstract art of flames and lines, to know where eyes that do not see, see everything. When I got older, it came out in the jewelry I created and in stones I cut;  then, in the work I did caring for others.  Art comes out of an artist in every form;  whatever the uniform worn, it is drawn to the type of work they do, into the way they live their life.   Life is that canvas.
    • Do you have anyone you show manuscripts to and get advice from or are you a loner doing it all yourself?
    • I wished I did but no one could or would stay with it. My sister was a great hope, but her mind is too far gone in her own fantasies to help; she, too, is an artist and we had the same background. I am a survivor and the only one to succed in my family intact with sanity. (maybe) My childhood was what nightmares are made from. In my life, I have walked in many shoes.
    • I have had many people read parts of my novel but only Lee, my husband of many years, has read it all. He says he likes it, but it really is not his cup of tea.  And now, you are editing it and I am eagerly awaiting the finished copy.
    • What genre do you normally write in? Also, is there a genre you've always wanted to write in, but don't feel you could pull it off?
    • I want to write to a young adult audience.   I feel it is important to write choosing good words and story scenes with purpose. I am a caregiver by trade, and when I choose a book to read to a sick friend I feel safe choosing YA. Anyone can write words and tell stories for adults but to tell a story for youth to understand and learn from, takes skill.
    • Do you ever base your characters on people you know?
    • I base my characters on everything I see, every person I meet. All of the animals I have had, find their way into my book. As a character comes to life I feel who is there and form the character’s personality. Willow the second most powerful clone in my book, Voyage of the Legacy, was based on Muphy, a cat I had for 24 years. My brother, name and all is in my book, Norman E Durkee.   I gave him the life he would have wanted;  at age forty-four. he committed suicide ending, what I thought, was a good life.
    • What advice would you give to someone who was just starting off in writing?
    • Put the words to paper and tell your story, the work begins when it’s time to re-read and edit your work. I have found such a release in writing … but my first copy does not resemble my current story at all. My first writing was dark and scary. My first read told me I needed to look at my story and lift it to a new level. By my third re-write my story took on a clean fresh look. Now in my seventh edit, it  is a good story of life, freedom, joy, fun, and love.
    • Do your stories tend to have morals, or special messages, included within them?
    • Yes, my stories do have moralistic messages.They arel about life lessons and challenges. I have walked some very hard roads in my life, and this is a good way to give back, teaching some of the things I have learned.
    • This question was posed by a fellow author and I loved it so much I decided to throw it into the mix ~ Oh no! One of your characters has escaped. Luckily, I have caught them! I will interrogate them with the help of a lie detector. Welcome! Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. You will be returning to your book once this is over. What's your name, where are you from and what is your role in the book?
    • Ruud Farms is the name and I run the bio-garden on the Legacy … lost my wife five years back and I just want to grow things … I have a talent for growing things … I am rated a ten on Earth's talent scale … I can read minds and mind speak; I can teleport my body to other places … I took this mission to get away from Earth -  I do not plan to ever go back … my name comes from a nurse the author worked with, but my appearance and feel is of Jack V. Kirby, the author’s stepfather … a big man, always had a smile on his face and a song on his lips … he laughed and cried if things were sad … he enforced what life was and would bring good and bad … in the story I marry Cora the oldest clone and we give of ourselves to form a integrated family … in the book, I am grandfather to everyone.
    • Tell us why we would enjoy reading your books?
    • I have created a wonderful new world in a brand new star system. I have brave new adventures and creatures no one has ever seen before. Want to ride a dragon? How about meet a SiiCor and help make SiiSilk? Want to get to know a sentient rat? How about ride a pug in a duck-n-pug-run, YEHaw!
    • Voyage of the Legacy is the first novel of 5 in the Giftsofdawn Books series
    • Here are Linda’s latest links
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