Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre

Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mr. Steven F. Freeman, Nefarious

Steve Freeman, author of Nefarious, book one of The Blackwell files finally sat down for an impromptu interview which your can read on my site, Paul and Paula's Books. Please check out this fairly new author and get on his ride while you need not run to catch up.

My reviews are always five starred because they are the books I finish, there are many I do not.  I also do not appreciate reading the story in a review, so my reviews will not reflect that either.

Nefarious is the first in the series, The Blackwell Files:

When I picked up Nefarious {hard copy, author signed}, I did not realize I would be in it for the long haul. This book, set in wartorn Afghanstan has many facets to draw different readers.  Like Horror, I seldom read war stories, but there was a fast connection with the main characters that had me hooked.  There is a mystery, there is suspense, there is a love story, but... going in, knowing this is a series, with a very satisfying stand-alone story, is a delight.

Mr. Freeman is a beginning author with a bright future. I have bought his second book, Ruthless, and his third, T Wave, which just gives me time enough to be ready for his fourth, Havoc, that is due out in August or September 2012.

He's an author I recommend and getting in on the ground floor is the best - it is apparent, he will prove to be, not only a proficient but prolific writer