Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre

Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street seriesre
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Come In, Sit Down, Tell Us About.....

For you that are new, please read our intro now printed in Blue - for our returning guest feel free to jump to the text in black:

This blog is a meeting place for authors and others in the arts .... each week as others are directed to our door or just stumble on by, they come and leave  information about themselves - telling about their new books or drawings or photos or to tell us about their new blogs. ****PLEASE be sure your comments are appearing on the latest most timely blog insuring your inclusion in the sending off to Google plus land at the end of the week.*****

Here is the link to Gwen’s site: G.D. Steel's blog is free promoting of your arts. As I am wont to say {as does Facebook} our site is free to comment and share and always will be free.  This is a great site to join and to become interactive with guest blogging.  It gives you a chance to step out of your box and be whatever you  wish.

Another blog that I have a close tie is CRYPTO and CO.  Please pop over and check out all their pages.

I have been off doing business and my blogging, unfortunately, falls by the wayside.  There is so much news to tell and swamping tends to cross eyes and brain fog off... so only a few links on today's news.

If we thought last month was busy, this month got off to a plunge into new adventures of  editing, writing, publishing, promoting, and social interaction.

The Rain Cloud's Gift written for Children's Charities by our group The Peacock Writers' is on it's way to the NYC BOOK FAIR at the JACOB JAVIT'S CONVENTION CENTER.   No mass books or signing, just books displayed for industry professionals, stars, editors, publicists, publishers, and acquisition teams for the movie industry.  Gwenna D'Young has an Angel who was so impressed with the book, and has given us the money and backing to have the book appear in the line up.  We are also in the process of releasing a full, pictures included, limited edition.

Our next book in this series will celebrate the fall season and we are recruiting writers {1 each} from  India, Japan, and Philippines - America has Halloween and Thanksgiving, Great Britain has Guy Fawkes - we would like stories that reflect fall traditions or holidays for these other cultures as well.  The stories would remain the sole property of the author and their use as a donation would only occur for the book collection for Children's Charities. The story is to be written on a level where a child could either read it or have it read to them - our age goal for readers is 0 through 12.  Please leave a comment on this thread if interested in being considered.

A Month - give or take a day - of Takeover Blogging

       Paula Louise Shene                and at
So what you ask is Take over Blogging?

When Gwen opened her doors at IAN, it was with the expectation that the artists that joined would look upon her site as a place to set down their tools and share with fellow artists their individual expertise with networking thus helping one another achieve recognition.

It is no different in today’s market of selling our stories than it was in Dickens time EXCEPT we are blessed with technology that will take us beyond our hometown, our state, our country if we are willing to work as a team.

If you do some research - I call discovering fascinating insights - on our forerunners, you will find that writers/authors/painters were friends - and sometimes rivals when ideals and mores pulled them apart. All worked to set their voices into life despite critics calling them hacks or worse or even when fellow authors derided their abilities.

If your voices are more demanding than your critic’s vitriol, you will continue to grow as the artist you were destined to become. You, the ones with the drive to make a difference in your world around you are the ones who will still be read tomorrow..

What is ironic is the ones of yesteryear were not the ones the snobbish considered worthy of a read and an award, but the masses.

All of us within the Indie colony of artists need to help others achieve their goals, which in turn help ourselves - and to do that, each need to pull their weight. There are changes coming to the IAN blog, but before that happens, we’ll get to meet some of our fellow authors and understand why they are tied into the same quadrant of the matrix that your portal is entwined. Some you’ll already know, some not ~ how exciting!

The line up for the following week, appearing first, on IAN and then the following day on here,
Paul and Paula’s Place is

Susan Bowes - Tuesday May 22 IAN Wednesday, May 23 Paul and Paula’s Place

Rick Carufel - Wed - May 23 IAN Thursday, May 24 Paul and Paula’s Place 
Rachael Olson Thursday May 24 IAN, Friday, May 25 Paul and Paula’s Place

James Edward
Branch Friday, May 25 IAN Sat, May 26 Paul and Paula’s Place

Michael Taylor Sat May 26 IAN Sun, May 27 Paul and Paula’s Place

Ed Drury Sun May 27 IAN Mon, May 28 Paul and Paula’s Place
A New set of Interviewee names will be posted Next Sunday night May 27